The Exclusive Approach

The Non-Invasive Approach to Spine and Nerve Treatment

Exclusive Nerve & Disc Centers® offer complex and state-of-the art treatments and technologies, including The NDR Method®, a program developed for the Non-Surgical Disc Restoration. Our Centers treat patients with Neuropathy, Spinal Stenosis, Sciatica, Herniated, Degenerated and Bulging Discs. We treat these conditions with one goal in mind, help the patient restore the health of their nerves and/or their spinal discs.

The industry leading, recovery-focused treatment we provide is, at its core, designed to fuel the mechanisms of self-repair, without invading the body with injections or scalpels. We consider these treatment methods to be the most effective available to assist in the rejuvenation and restoration of both the nerves and the spinal discs.

A large majority of our patients have been told there is nothing that can be done for their Neuropathy, or the only option for their Spinal Disc Condition is either their first or next spinal surgery. Notably, through the use of our non-invasive treatment technologies, a large majority of the spinal disc patients we have been able to help are patients diagnosed with FBSS (Failed Back Surgery Syndrome). These noteworthy patients have had, not just one, but possibly several spinal surgeries in their history and they had continued to suffer from pain and other debilitating symptoms.

The non-invasive, patient-centered approach to these conditions is what sets our Centers apart from the traditional model of physical therapy, medications, injections and surgeries. Our Physicians are committed to your health, and we do it without upsetting the body’s natural healing process.