How experienced are Exclusive Nerve and Disc Centers® practitioners in treating my Spinal Disc and/or Neuropathy condition?

The practitioners associated with Exclusive Nerve and Disc Centers® are all Board Certified and have approximately 15-20 years’ experience in treating both of these conditions, as well as, other associated conditions. The majority of our Physicians also have obtained additional certifications and accolades in their respective fields.

How are the treatments in Exclusive Nerve and Disc Centers® designed to work?

First and foremost, the practitioner you visit will determine your individual needs, based upon a thorough health assessment. Your distinct needs will be carefully evaluated, and your protocol will be based upon those needs. Each protocol will be specific to the patient’s individual level of degeneration, whether it be primarily spinal disc or nerve related. At the core, all the treatments recommended will be non-invasive, non-surgical and without the use of addictive medications.

The structure of our approach works concurrently with the most up to date technologies to accomplish the goals of:

  • Decreasing pain
  • Decreasing numbness, tingling, etc.
  • Stimulating the parts of the spinal discs and nerves to allow regrowth
  • Regeneration of the damaged nerves.

The specific combination of these advanced technologies allows for the ultimate treatment goal of supplying the discs and nerves what they need to “rebuild.” Our Physicians, through their many years of patient case management, have concluded that a limited degree of “body re-training” will often necessary for you to maintain the positive physiological changes that these treatments have made in your spinal discs and/or nerves.

The specificity of how each technology can and does assist the body in this “self-repair” should be discussed with your Physician of choice after they have determined your protocol.

Why didn’t my Primary Care Physician, Neurologist or Orthopedist tell me about this treatment?

More often than not, in the realm of today’s pain management, the medical standard of care is designed around the treatment of symptoms and not around eliminating the underlying health issue(s). This symptom-based treatment is predictably found in the form of a prescription being written. When the first medication doesn’t work, there is another medication or pill that can be prescribed for you. If the medications aren’t effective, the next recommendation will most likely be injections or surgeries. This tends to be the classic path to treating these chronic nerve and spinal disc related problems and has been the status quo of treatment both followed and taught at medical schools for years and years.

Given that pharmaceutical companies tend to be the main sources of studies and educational programs in the treatment of pain management for Medical Doctors, it would be the common-sense conclusion that their solution would be medication-based. The true drawback to that treatment model is that spinal disc and nerve (Neuropathy) conditions continue to advance with treatments that are pill-related and there is not a medication available today that decelerates the progression of your Neuropathy and/or Spinal Disc condition.

Are there risks or side effects of your treatments?

The short answer is that it is very unlikely we see any side effects other than once in a while people can be sore from the “disc restoration process.” It would be similar to a little soreness following a deep tissue massage. Again, rare. Our treatments, for nearly all our patients, present little to no side effects. Some health conditions will include or preclude an individual from a particular procedure or therapy. Therefore, when you visit an Exclusive Nerve and Disc Centers® clinic or practice, a careful and detailed history of your health will be examined and evaluated. Any specific concern you may have about risks or side effects, which may pertain to your particular situation, can be discussed in detail with your specific provider.

Is the treatment FDA Approved?

The terminology “FDA Approved” is generally related to drugs and pharmaceuticals, not medical equipment and/or technologies. Exclusive Nerve and Disc Centers® all used devices which are FDA Cleared, which is the designation by the Food and Drug Administration for medical devices and treatment technologies.

What is the cost of the treatment?

The cost is dependent on specifics of your health condition and other contributing factors. Until a complete evaluation, examination and records review has been performed any estimates of out of pocket costs would simply be a guess. Our practitioners and their staff do not like to guess regarding a patient’s finances. Rest assured, all our practitioners operate their offices with the utmost level of integrity regarding treatment costs.

Will my insurance cover this?

Insurance companies and their plans vary greatly, not only from state to state, but also in respect to coverage for services. Some plans may cover nearly all treatment, whereas, some plans may cover very little. Once your case has been evaluated, and a recommended treatment plan has been put in place by the physician, the individual office will be able to supply you with all the financial information you require to move forward with your needed treatment.

How long does the treatment take?

Nerves and spinal discs, in all likelihood, did not get into their degenerated state overnight, and therefore, recovery will most likely not be overnight either. However, every patient presents a unique situation, and everyone heals at a different rate. Without first performing an exam and history, the length of treatment, or time needed to heal cannot be determined.

Are the treatments painful?

The majority of our patients find the treatments to be comfortable and pain-free. Most even look forward to their appointments and think the process is very relaxing and some even fall asleep.

My Doctor told me there is nothing that can be done, how are you different?

Nerves and Spinal Discs have an incredible capacity for re-growth and/or restoration. Our practitioners are trained and have a great deal of experience in evaluating your condition from the non-pharmaceutical perspective of treatment. Our methods focus on the restoration of the body’s ability to restore, therefore, “nothing can be done” is quite often not the case with our methods.

What research exists for your methods?

Volumes of research papers and articles have been authored and are available that explain the technologies we use and their effectiveness. We encourage you to research on our non-invasive methods of restoring the health of your nerves and your spinal discs.