Avoid the Drawbacks of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Avoid the Drawbacks of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Exclusive Nerve and Disc Centers ® of Orange County helps people avoid the drawbacks of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

You need to know these 4 vital steps to avoid Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS – M96.1). This syndrome is directly cause from the surgery itself and is both painful and debilitation.

Do your research to get the truth: Surgery was never intended to improve the quality of your spine or your discs. Just like simply cutting off dead leaves from a dying plant (that’s not getting water) does not improve the quality or vitality of the plant, if your discs are degenerating, bulging or herniated – they are dying. Doing surgery on a dying disc does not bring to back to life. You will not be happy in the end.

Learn that your disc can repair itself. Disc physiology (how the disc works) is the discs “owners manual”. Published scientific literature identifies that the pathophysiology of the disc (how it breaks down) creates a degenerative or destructive effect, and that there is a natural mechanism for self-repair available. The disc requires many things: water, oxygen, nutrients, just like a dying plant needs sunlight, water and nutrients. We can’t just paint he leaves green or inject water into a branch or hold the dying plant up with titanium hardware when it all it really needs is water. This will not meet the requirements for self-repair.

Your life matters, your future is at stake. Spinal surgery, of all the surgeries know to medicine has the worst outcomes. So much so that it is the only procedure that earned it’s own “failure code” (Failed Back Surgery Syndrome ICD-10 M96.1). This distinction was designated by the World Health Organization Tenth Revision, International Classification of Disease (ICD-10). This is the diagnosis doctors give their patients for this epidemic. Surgery is not meant to heal your spine or disc. The only person who benefits is the surgeon. The surgeon is not responsible for your future, only you are! So choose wisely regarding your decisions. Surgery (especially fusion surgery) maimes and leaves wreckage and carnage its path on unsuspecting victims.

Look for a new vision, a new possibility. Without vision a people will perish.

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