Avoid Spinal Surgery

Avoid Spinal Surgery

Avoiding Spine Surgery is best accomplished by treating the original cause of the problem.

When your MRI demonstrates that you have disc herniation, bulges, stenosis and sciatica you can easily understand why you get the accompanying symptoms, which can be debilitating and destroying your quality of life. Fortunately, now, there is a Disc Healing Solution that works on the disc itself. This is how we get to the cause of the problem to get real and long lasting results.

Here at Exclusive Nerve and Disc Centers ® of Orange County we have discovered the three-step process of how your discs go bad in the first place.

Step1: To begin with, there is a failure of the disc’s own physiological pump mechanism, which is a movement-driven mechanism. This results in loss of local joint motion.

Step 2: This results in a loss of fluid content being delivered to the disc, which causes the disc to go through a dying process creating a multitude of painful symptoms.

Step 3: Your quality of life starts to go downhill, quickly resulting in more pain, symptoms and disabilities.

Standardized recommended care choices (like pain management) focus on Steps 2 and 3, but don’t’ get to the actual problem. They don’t address the disc’s failed physiology (Step 1). At Orange County Disc Associates we specialize in addressing this vital (over-looked) step. This is how the disc is able to repair itself in a 100% non-invasive, safe and highly effective manner without dangerous side-effects, risky injections or medication.

Call to see if you qualify for our Disc Healing Solution treatment. Get your life back on track, improve your quality of life and Avoid Spinal Surgery.

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